Relxelf Initiates the Deposit Payment Plan

Recently, we hear about some clients’ complaint that most pre order products have very long production and delivery time (usually several months) and some GK’s prices are quite high. Many suggest that we offer more flexible payment plans on our products. In order to better serve our clients, we decide to start a new deposit payment plan for pre order products.

Below is Relxelf pre order process and policy:  


When figures are open for pre-ordering, clients can firstly pay a deposit to secure their products. The deposit can be 30% - 60% of the total product price, depending on different studios’ policies and not including shipping cost.

We accept deposit cancellation within 72 hours (begin with the deposit payment time). After that time, we do not accept deposit cancellation due to buyers personal reasons.

Final Payment

As soon as we received the packages from studios , we will message buyers to pay the final payment by means of email, Facebook group and so on. The final payment should be the rest of the product price plus shipping cost. Shipping cost will be calculated more precisely after we measure the package to avoid overcharging clients. The final payment period is usually about one week. Those who fail to pay final before the deadline will not receive the products and the deposit is not refundable.

Shipping Cost

About shipping cost, some may think it’s too expensive to accept. we would like to explain a little bit here. We choose reliable air freight which charges upon the volume rather than the weight of the package. Resin figures are extremely fragile. We have to use special materials like EPE to warp all over the products for buffering protection. That makes the package double even triple the size of the figure. If you have any doubt about the shipping cost, you can ask for shipping bill from us after you receive the product.

Which products will be covered in the Plan?

The new deposit payment plan starts from Jan 6th, 2020. newly uploaded pre order products will apply the plan automatically. Any products uploaded before today only will be added to the plan upon the requests of potential buyers. In stock products are not covered, but you can use PUT IT ON LAY-BUY for installments.

Please email us if you like any pre order products to be covered or any other suggestions. We would like to improve progressively and your advice are highly appreciated.

Jan 6th, 2020

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