Read before Order! Something Important About Shipping!

International shipping is under tremendous pressure due to COVID-19. Shipping time is uncertain these days because of extremely limited flights, piled-up parcels of earlier times and a shortage of working capacity.

For standard shipping option, many destinations see a delay to different extents. We listed some cases below to various countries. Please make sure you read and accept the possible delay before you order!  


North America area like USA, Canada and Mexico experience the most serious delay. A hold-up over 2 months is a common occurrence. Packages to USA, Canada and Australia sent out from April to the middle of May are being held up for the longest time (Guess they are at the bottom of the stacks, and first in, last out…LoL). Please don’t be panic if you haven’t received your parcels after 2 or 3 months. It is still waiting in line for a flight and will be delivered eventually. Parcel lost probability is less than a millionth. We will get a notice from the shipping company.


Good news is that Australian shipping gets moving faster from this week. Aussie customers may look forward to a speedup of delivery soon. Newly-sent parcels take about 20-30 days to arrive, but still they need time to clear the overstocked parcels.


European shipping gets much better these days. To Germany only takes about 15 days and we notice France is clearing up parcels of May. Overall, Shipping to Europe can still be delivered in 25-45 days.


Asian destinations are the fastest. South Korea and Japan can be delivered in about 10 days. Indonesia will be longer (in 30 days) for reasons I have no idea…

Countries including Peru, Saudi Arabia, UAE and so on suspend standard shipping option and the resume time is uncertain so far. Buyers from these countries can choose Advanced shipping option or delay the shipping of their products until the standard shipping is resumed.


Other destinations especially USA and Canada also can upgrade to advanced shipping option with higher cost and less shipping time if customers don’t want to wait for months. The cost is around 2-3 times of the standard shipping cost. Please email us for the price and shipping time of this option.


Updated on June 30th. Further notice will be given if there is any change.

Please contact for any queries about our products and services.



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