1/20 Pokemon Scale World Zukan Updates Summary

Firstly, we would like to update you about some revisions to SXG 1/20 zukan completion 001 as below:

1) After careful consideration, SXG decides to remodel Electivire and Ponyta according to game version.

2) Buyers who ordered Completion 001 whole sets (not including supplement Kinger set) will get extra game version Ninetales and Rapidash as gift.

3) Ordering Completion 001 Supplement Kingler set will get Satoshi first part of five. You can make up a Satoshi figure finally with all five parts. The second part is given in Butterfree set.


Besides, a simple summary of estimated release dates and some pics of production. 

Updated on March 16th. Further notice will be given if there is any change. 

Above are pics of SXG Completion 001 in production. 

Please contact Relxelf@outlook.com for any queries about our products and services. 

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